Business Case Studies

A business case study in is the profiling of an actual business/company or a business experience.It is to be done by kids for kids or by a business for kids. It helps kids understand business, explore business and gain experience.We welcome ideas or business cases – please see our questions to complete to create a business case.

Basically, you are to try and find out how things in a business work. We have chosen this approach that uses real life situations in kids words, to help kids discover career and business opportunities.

If your choose to participate in the development of business cases, you can act as the interviewer. It is an opportunity for you to ask a lot of questions about a business. The rule here is that there are no stupid questions, as all questions will lead you to a better understanding. Our goal is to help you understand businesses; don’t be afraid to answer the why , where, and how questions!

We are providing you with some examples of questions that you might want to ask a business, but you really should try and develop your own list of things that matter to you and that you would like answered. You can ask your questions about businesses in general, to cover a profession, an industry, or focus on one company, so you will understand a particular type of business.

You become the business journalist since you investigate and write about businesses. This will give you valuable experience from reporting on a business and reviewing other peoples business cases. You will learn basic skills such as research, interviewing and presentation skills.

You may want to partner with a journalist from your local newspaper. Hopefully the journalist will accompany you to the interview and help you learn some interviewing skills.

The “Business Case Studies” will be especially helpful, when you want to learn about a specific business. All of this will be of value, as you think about what you want to do and how to prepare for it.