Insight Into Preparing A Comedy Act.

This is an interesting case of a famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, who takes an interesting approach to creating new comedy material.

Jerry takes a day in which he develops material and for the first three hours, he wanders around his neighborhood looking for new material for his standup comedy act. He observes people in his neighborhood to try and come up with material. For example, he may watch a single couple in a coffee shop and then relate some comedy to it.

In the afternoon he writes a new comedy bit form his morning of wandering around and observing (research).

At night he goes to a local comedy club to test his new material. After each test comedy show he knows what worked and what didn’t. He knew where he got the best laughs. He then takes the good stuff and rewrites it about 20 times before he feels he can get it right.

He got motivated to take this approach to developing new material at one of his shows. As he was performing his comedy act, a person yelled out “Heard it!”. Jerry was really effected by this comment. He quickly felt he needed to avoid this situation and rethink how he developed his material.

What is really interesting about this comedian is that he has made millions of dollars and still continues to work on his comedy acts and perform because he loves doing it.