Junk Removal Services

We all have junk that we have a hard time getting rid of. When there is an opportunity there is often an entrepreneur that find away to make a business out of the opportunity. There is now a business that is making money off of other peoples junk.

The business was started by Brian Saudamore, in 1989 with a $700.00 investment of money.

The concept is that everyone has trash to get rid of, from hone owners doing spring cleaning to small contractors who don’t have enough debris to fill a bin. Plus, many municipalities won’t haul away old appliances, furniture and renovation materials.

The business has a 1-800-GOT-Junk which people call to contact a central switchboard which organizes the pick-up of your junk. The company, Junk, promises on-time service with a two hour pickup window and up-front rates based on volume and type of material, including clean-up and dumping fees.

What is interesting about this business case is that a young person had an idea that he developed into a million dollar business.

He grew the business by maintaining control of his company (no investors) and no bank debt. This is very difficult to accomplish. He has chosen to grow the business in a controlled manor and with money earns from the business and invests back into the business.

The next time you look at a big pile of junk, think of how people are making money off of other people’s junk!