Prayer Wear

WhenTrenton said he wanted to start his own business offering affordable christian t-shirts to kids his age, honestly, we were unsure of what to think. Our 15 year old starting and running a business? We have always tried to be the type of parents who supported our children in all endeavors of life, but, we know how the world can be at times. The world is financially, physically demanding, and socially tough.We knew that we had to let go of some of the strings we had attached to “Our Baby Boy” who was now growing up and becoming a man. We have done the best that we could do; it was time for us, mom and dad, to let him expand his wings. We could only pray that we taught him to put God first in all aspects of his life.So, the fact that he felt a call to do something more was all we needed to hear. Why would we even considering saying anything other than we support you.Trentonsaid that whenever he went with church youth groups to concerts, most of the time he nor his friends couldafford the t-shirts the groups were selling because they were too expensive. “Mom, I wantto make it where kids like me can afford christian t-shirts and be proud to wear them. Trenton said he wanted to reach out to other kids and adults as well. He wanted to spread the Lord’s message to as many people as he could.He said “we need more Christians to be proud of what Jesus did for us.”Trenton knew that t-shirts were the way to go. All his friends always loved reading his christian t-shirts he wore and he knew that he enjoyed buying christian t-shirts at concerts but they were just too costly. He needed to find christian t-shirts that he could make affordable to everyone.

Trenton did all the research and hard work it takes to start a business. He developed a business plan, applied for a loan with dad (the banker), spoke to printers, developed brochures, got banners made, plus forms, catalogs, etc……. He makestimely payments to his dad in order to repay the loan for initial start up costs, applies a percentage of income back into the business, makes tithe payments to the church and keeps over 10% of profits to go into savings/spending money. He has learned valuable lessons even though they may seem small ones to us, such as cutting printing expenses from full out three page multi color brochures down to 1/3 sheet black and white basic information brochures. He learned how costly ink is. He makes sure he keeps accurate records of receipts, donations to causes, inventory and etc… He has already expanded his business to doing fundraisers for area youth groups and churches. He also attends fairs and festivals to showcase some of the shirts. He is currently working on designing his website for online purchasing.

Trenton attends Paul Pewitt High School. He plays football, basketball &baseball. He is also a tenor quad drummer for the Blazin Blue Brahma Band. He is a member of the Pewitt Fellowship of Christian Students. Plus he takes Advanced Placement classes. In addition to attending church, he always finds time to work his business. His business is prospering. But most of all he has made us very proud. He has even accepted an offer to speak at a local university business entrepreneurship class. He hopes he can encourage others to take hold of the future and make a change for the better. He hopes he can encourage other kids to start their own business as well.