Business Lunch For Kids

Business-Lunch-For-Kids™ Program

“Bites” of advice for kids™

The concept is to dedicate a little lunch time to scratch out some advice for kids which will be shared on the website. Donate a little of your lunch time to advise kids on business and careers.

Most business people take a little time from their busy days for a little lunch. While at lunch, a range of topics are discussed including; office politics, latest crises, sports, local/world news, business deals, family, etc. Sometimes we all struggle for something interesting or a little different to talk about or just need a little break from it all. Sometimes we are looking for an excuse to do lunch with someone.

Lunch Time Idea

Here’s a lunch time idea. Donate some time at lunch to scratch down some helpful information for kids, in the context of careers and business. The information could be career advice, what you would do different if you started all over again or many other things that you feel could help kids prepare for business and their careers. It may be a little story, something funny or some serious advice, but something that kids can relate to in a “kid-friendly” way. We consider kids to be under 18 years of age.

We can all help to make your business associates aware of this program.

This program has been developed with the premise that kids need advice but they don’t take it well. Often kids don’t take advice directly from parents. Kids are relying on the internet as a primary source of advice. Therefore, this program becomes an excellent opportunity to connect with kids on their terms (in their domain) and in a way that they are comfortable taking the advice.

Lunch can be a power lunch, lunch on the go, a brown bag lunch, lunch at your desk, solo lunch or an office group lunch, etc. Be creative on when, how and what you come up with!

We also have some specific topics you may want to discuss;

  • “bites” of advice – scratch down some advice that you wish you had when you were a kid, that would have helped you prepare for your future (kids from 8 to 18)
  • “bites” of advice that you would give to any kid that asked for advice on careers, preparing for business or business in general. This is a good way to reach lots of kids with a simple message.
  • career specific info – fill out an e-mentor career profile to help a kid understand your career, the education, training required and some personal advice on career preparation.
  • Business cases to help kids understand various businesses and industries. See our “Business Cases” section for ideas.
  • lemonade stand – tips you would have to develop and manage a lemonade stand (if you are a design person – give us a design idea; if you are an advertising person – give us an ad; if you are a marketer give us a marketing plan etc. There should be lots of ideas that you can generate during lunch. We have a lemonade stand program that may help you get started is a social venture, which offers free programming to kids; to help them develop business/life skills, gain business experience, explore business an prepare for their futures.