Golf Caddie Program

Welcome to our golf caddie program (caddy program)- which is a free online community service resource to help kids and organizations learn about golf caddying and create opportunities for kids.

We have created our caddie program to help kids gain valuable experience and benefit from the great influences from being exposed to golf. As a teaching kids business website we also coach kids on using their caddie position to learn about business and networking.

As the first online caddie program, the Caddie Program provides an online training manual and many additional resources to get kids started in caddie positions and to help golf courses start caddie programs.

Given the interest and success of our program we are expanding to help economically challenged youth around the world to provide hope and opportunities to improve their lives with a caddie position.

How you can benefit from this program and give benefit to youth?


Find a way to hire a young caddie – be a mentor for a round of golf and help them gain job experience, training and exposure to the great game of golf. Help them understand your career and how to succeed in life.

Young person (kids, teens, children of all ages)

If you are looking to make some money and/or would like to talk to people about their careers and business in general – read our program and give it a try.

Golf courses

If you represent a golf course, please consider a caddie day or caddie program to benefit youth in your area.

Youth Organizations

If you are a representative of a youth organization looking for programs to benefit kids – self esteem, job experience, character building, mentoring or community outreach programming – please consider this program.

Corporation / Businesses

Please consider supporting golf events which will use caddies. Consider a caddie initiative in your community involvement programs.

Thank you for your interest in our program and good luck with your caddie experience or caddie program. Beyond the resources of this program we would be happy to work with you to help your caddie venture, please see our contact page.


Jeff Brown