Caddie – Golf Course Opportunities

The success of this Caddie Program is dependant on the support of golf course ownership, committees and the boards of directors. We are trying to develop a program that is “business oriented” to recognized the need of the business aspects of golf courses.

Traditional caddie programs have been a great benefit for kids but have understandably been phased out do to cart revenue, new course designs, aging population, liability and other business related issues.

We have provided a waiver form to help golf courses deal with liability issues. Please view our form at non-golfer waiver form.

Our Caddie Program can’t counter all issues but we would like to work together to find attractive business opportunities that create caddie opportunities and viable business programs for golf courses. Beyond the prestige that caddie programs offer, we would like to develop and communicate other business related benefits such as speed of play, golf course maintenance (divots and ball marks replacing) and revenue opportunities etc.

The Caddie Program Events are an area we are developing that will engage local businesses to participate in our Caddie Program to bring a “business oriented” component to you. We don’t have all the answers but if we partner with local businesses, I am confident we will create something that will work for all parties involved.

We are compiling information to provide golf courses with helpful tools to participate in a Caddie Program. This information will consist of online resources and referrals to associations like the Western Golf Association. The Western Golf Association has an excellent , Caddie Orientation Video, Caddie Manual and Caddie Operations Manual that you will find very helpful. Our goal, is to help facilitate programs and make it as easy as possible for you to succeed.

We look forward to working with you and on behalf of caddies and future caddies thank you for considering our program.

Jeff M. Brown

President & CEO