Caddie Program Events has developed our Kid’s Caddie Program as part of our “business experiences ” programming. We believe that kids will benefit greatly from business/work experience at an early age. In a lot of cases, a caddie job can be the first job for kids and we want to participate in preparing you and helping you succeed.

The intention of our Caddie Program is to encourage kids to caddie, golfers to use caddies, golf tournaments and golf courses to extend the opportunity for kids to caddie. We don’t have to put caddie programs in all golf courses to succeed, all it will take is the generosity of each golfer to create one opportunity for a kid to caddie. We believe that “Kid’s Caddie Events” will be an excellent vehicle to promote and create caddie opportunities in local markets. This is a grass-roots approach that will slowly but effectively introduce kids to Caddying and influence golf courses and golfers to consider caddies.

These programs will leverage the great sport of golf with the tradition of golfers generous support to our communities and helping kids. Kids will benefit greatly from the experience and the positive exposure to the golf environment.

Kid’s Caddie Event Ideas

Golf Club Caddie Day (Possible Charity event or funding for junior golf)

  • Golf club sets a day that encourages the use of a caddie
  • Club uses the Caddie Training Manual as a training program
  • People walk a round of golf for charity
  • Instead of cart fees being charged for the day you can set a “caddie fee” that can be split between the caddie, club revenue (if necessary), junior golf programs and charity
  • Opportunity for kids in the golf club and community to participate in a charity event
  • Opportunity for kids to gain caddie experience, exposure to golf and meet interesting people
  • Opportunity to raise money for a good cause like youth programs or junior golf programs!

Golf Charity Event – Caddie Fundraising at Charity Golf Events

  • Approach a local charity golf event to hire kids to caddie with proceeds going to the kids charity
  • Local charity golf event will effectively benefit their charity and the separate charity funding to the caddies

Local Business Sponsored Caddie Day

(Grocery store, Car Dealer, Real-estate Company, Restaurant, Department Store etc)

  • Sponsor a local kids caddie clinic at a local golf course – See our training manual and video channel or
    training video and other resources from Western Golf Association – approx. $20.00 U.S. Effectively giving back to the community by helping kids train for a job
  • You can expand the program by sponsoring caddie days at a local golf courses to provide caddying opportunities or sponsor several caddies at tournaments instead of a hole sponsorship etc. (arrangements that are beneficial to the local club)
  • Promote the program in local media and at your place of business to communicate the merits of local Caddie Programs (we will provide ad copy).
  • Tie in with the Kid’s Caddie Career Preparation Program that provides kids with questions to ask their golfer regarding preparing for a career.

Youth Service Group Charity Golf Events

(Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Scouts, United Way, Rotary Club, Optimists, Guides etc.)

  • There are many charity golf tournaments that benefit youth
  • Let’s involve the kids in the actual tournament by asking them to caddie
  • They will benefit financially, the job experience of Caddying, exposure to golf, networking and career preparation by talking to the golfers
  • When you organize the next event think of ways to include kids as caddies!

Golf Range Caddie Training Program

  • Provide a training program for caddies
  • Video and caddie training manual provided through the program
  • Provide golf clinic component
  • Kids are exposed to golf and trained for a caddie job
  • Fee based program with possible sponsorship funding

Retail Golf Store Caddie Training

  • Provide training program for caddies, (as part of your normal advertising include a specific time when you will run the caddie program)
  • Video and caddie training manual provided through the program
  • Fee based program with possible sponsorship funding