Kid’s Caddie Program – Advice Steve Williams

Encouragement From Steve Williams – caddie (Adam Scott and formerly Tiger Woods)

Hi Jeff, Thanks for your e-mail. Below is my letter of encouragement for the kids:

“From caddying at your local club to caddying on the PGA Tour caddying offers an ideal way to make an income outdoors and an opportunity to mix with many successful people from all different walks of life. Caddying for these people gives you an ideal opportunity to learn a lot about life and how people become successful. Caddying can be a living or a way to get you to college or simply an opportunity to earn some money to make your life better. I encourage you to look at caddying as a positive way to improve your life.”

Kind regards, Steve
Steve Williams, MNZM – Founder
The Steve Williams Foundation
PO Box 444
New Zealand