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Our video channel has been created to help kids get started as a golf caddie. Our goal is engage golfers and experienced caddies to create videos to share on our video channel for instruction and encouragement to kids around the world. We recognize video is a very helpful learning tool. Video is entertaining and can be understood without language translation.

Thousands of kids have accessed our online caddie program and we believe the use of video training will expand our audience. One of our initial video projects was to develop video content for who is operating in Kenya with the goal of helping street kids in Mombasa. Together we believe we can train kids as caddies and help them off of the streets to a better life. Glad’s House has people and video capabilities to share our video programming.

Providing a club to your player.

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Fixing a divot

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We welcome you to submit golf caddie instruction video tips to help kids learn about caddying. Most importantly help kids in countries like India and South Africa to progress from the streets to a caddie job which will help them gain experience, self esteem and confidence to progress in life and succeed.


College and High School golf teams can donate a little of their practice time and video some tips or learning lessons to help kids learn about golf and caddying. Kids helping kids through golf™

Golf clubs can organize an event to film some caddying at their club.

Schools can create a community service and outreach program to have students film an instructional caddie video.