Caddie Request Form

(This letter is intended to be prepared by a Caddie, looking for a Caddie opportunity at a golf course. Many of these Caddies have not caddied before and many of the clubs they approach do not have a formal caddie program. This letter will be written by the Caddie and presented to the golf course. The letter should help kids introduce themselves appropriately and show the support and involvement of the Kid’s Caddie Program. )


To: (Golf Course)

From: (Caddie)

Regarding: Request For A Caddie Opportunity – Caddie Program

I would like to provide Caddie services at you golf course.

I would like to start (date) and would be available on _______________________________(Saturdays , All summer, etc.)

I have studied the “Kid’s Caddie Training Manual” that has been provided to me online from . I understand the position and responsibilities of a Caddie as outlined in the training manual and I feel confident that I can perform my duties professionally and in a responsible manner. If your club has any additional training programs available, I would be very interested in attending them. If you are not aware, there is training program information available through
I intend to use my Caddie position to further develop my Caddie skills, gain an exposure to golf, meet people and further my career preparation.

Please consider me for a caddie position and I look forward to working with your club.


Name: (Print)

Phone #

Other relevant information: