Cooking Program

Recipes for success in life™ – cooking: food, health and life skill education for kids.

The social cause healthy living program has been created to help develop a healthy foundation of life skills in kids through the activity of cooking.

The goal is to help kids live a healthier life by learing to make healthy lifestyle choices. A great starting point is learning through the activity of cooking of food. Lessons can be learned from every culture and from all parts of world which participate in the activity of cooking. This creates an opportunity to share learning experiences from around the world. Our cooking program will bring the world together through the sharing of food and good health.

Food in general and the cooking of food is something that is relevant to everyone and an activity with lots of opportunities to learn. Cooking can be a way to engage kids in an activity that has great learning outcomes of life skills and will give them one of the greatest gifts of good health.

We would like to take simple cooking activities and demonstrate ways to help prepare kids with skills. By creating awareness of cooking as a great developmental tool for kids; we can create fun activities, prepare food and prepare kids with many life skills to succeed in life. If we expand the meaning of cooking to include eating, understanding food, preparing snacks and organizing meals we can create more activities and reach more kids.

There are a number of connections between cooking and business which make cooking a great way to help prepare kids for business. There are many skills which can be learned from cooking which we will expand on in this program.

Good food = good business. We can engage and teach kids about healthy choices to influence businesses to also make choices which are good for our health, for business profits and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.

Why the connection between teaching kids business and cooking?

  1. Skills learned in cooking help kids prepare for independence, develop life skills and prepare for business.
  2. Food is a big business to learn about. Many jobs, products and services to learn about.
  3. Entrepreneurial opportunities. Examples of successful entrepreneurs are Martha Stewart in the USA, Jamie Oliver in the U.K., Ken Hom a Chinese chef, Curtis Stone of Australia, Sanjeev Kapoor of India and many more. There are many business cases on entrepreneurship and many inventions related cooking.
  4. Food is an important business strategy. A lot of business is done socially and at meetings over lunch or dinner. New business development can be done and customer relationships developed over time together while enjoying a meal.
  5. The food business is critical to our success. We need food to survive and food is critical to good health. Kids are our future and if they understand food, value its importance and take an interest in the future of food; we will give them a great education and a better chance for success.
  6. Food is a common bond around the world which can help us do business internationally and connect with people in other countries. We all eat and enjoy food. If we begin to understand culture through food, we will demonstrate respect and develop relationships for doing business. As businesses operate internationally and across cultures – food is great way to begin to understand these dynamics.