Healthy Living Resources

We are listing website links for ideas to explore food, healthy choices, inspirational stories and recipes. They are not in any particular order at this time and we are adding resources regularly. These are potential content contributors to our upcoming book.

The following are links which leave the website. Please be sure you protect yourself from providing personal contact information. Fun Food Activities for Kids

Fed Up Movie –  Documentary film to help you understand problems sugar in foods is causing.

Gillian McKeith Research Research information for better health

Whole Foods Website.

BBC Good Food Website

The Good Guide (food rating system)

Jamie Oliver Videos

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

Food Revolution Day

Tana Amen Recipes

Juli Bauer Paleo Blog

The Healthy Happy Wife Blog

Elana’s Pantry (Paleo Cooking)

Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon

Smoothie Video – healthy fast food

Omni Diet Approach to healthy eating

Bryant Terry – Afro-Vegan

Healthy Blender Recipes – Tess Masters

Fork and Beans – Cara Reed

The Kitchn – Healthy Recipes

I quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson

David Gillespie – Sugar Free Environment

Primal Balance – Kendall Kendrick – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Skinny Chef – Jennifer Iserloh – promoting healthy, vibrant lifestyles though a diet of delicious and nutritious easy-to-prepare meals.

Culinary Concierge – Christine Couvelier – market trends consultant

A Healthier America – making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Kimberly Snyder – nutritionist

Yuri Elkaim Live your healthiest and fittest life.

The Edible School Yard Project– Building and sharing a sustainable food curriculum for all schools.

Sreaming Avocado – high school culinary arts program – student run cafeteria project which grows food.

In Defense of Food – Book by Michael Pollen – We can relearn which foods are healthy, develop simple ways to moderate our appetites, and return eating to its proper context — out of the car and back to the table.

Food Politics – Marion Nestle

Food Hackathon – innovation movement to transform the food system – improve the food system.

The Delicious Revolution – Joy Houston – certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator who helps people incorporate more fresh foods into their everyday diet.

Slow Money – future entrepreneurship – investing in food enterprises – seeding the future

Dr. Dean Ormish Ted Talk – The Killer American diet that is sweeping the planet

Feed The Children – was founded in 1979 with the mission of providing hope and resources for those without life’s essentials.

No Wheat, No Dairy, No Problem – Chef Lauren Hoover recipes after discovering food allergies and sensitivities.

Rocky Mountain Analytical – laboratory services to detect food sensitivities

Koj Fruit Drinks – flawless soft drinks – Inspired by an ancient Japanese infusion process, KOJI is made with a secret blend of carbonated spring water and a complex extract of natural fruits.

Dr Joey Shulman– Eat well, live well….naturally – philosophy of “improve the quality of your food to improve the quality of your life”

The Kids Cook Monday – When kids pitch in making meals, they’re empowered to consider the portions, the vitamins and the nutrients of what they’re eating.

All Faiths Food Bank – Feeding hungry children program example – Cooking Matters Program

NEAD USA Nutrition & Exercise vs Addiction & Disease – Turn to nature for answers

Solid Ground Buiding Communities to end poverty

Cooking for Kids By Summer Banks