Kids One Month Body Cleanse Challenge

Treat your body to one healthy month of eating well.

It is interesting that we reset/update and clean up our computers frequently, change the oil in cars regularly, clean our homes, and wash our hair and external part of our body regularly, but what do we do to clean (cleanse/detoxify) the inside of our body.

Over time there are many things that can accumulate in our body and which can lead to disease and other health problems. The inside of our bodies can be like a shelve in our room that continues to accumulate dust and dirt until we take steps to clean it. There are many foods and approaches to cleanse your body, but lets start with changing what we eat and then with positive results we can build a better plan – a life long plan.

The food kids eat is critical for their health and well being. There are many foods kids want which are not healthy. Unfortunately, kids are not educated on what they need to eat and what they should not eat.

Please take the “kids one month body cleanse challenge” to eat healthy and begin to clean out the inside of your body.

We will further develop this idea, but lets start with eliminating sugar, gluten(i.e. wheat products), dairy, fast foods, all packaged, processed foods and drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Try it and see the difference. Chances are you will feel better and continue to enjoy looking after your body, feeling better and living a healthier life.

Example of a body cleanse (there are foods that will naturally detoxify/cleanse your body)

Examine recipes for good eating tips

Dr. OZ’s 48 hour cleanse