e-Mentor Education Entrepreneur

Your Name (optional): Akela Peoples

Male/female: Female


State/Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Industry: Education

Job: Executive Director and co-founder

Company (Optional): Women in Motion Career Education


Anyone can be an entrepreneur if you have the passion, the drive and the energy. Education is, of course, highly valuable – the more the better! The more education you have the better your chances at success! Post-secondary education in business or in a subject area that relates to the type of business you are hoping to start is obviously a tremendous asset. I have 3 university degrees (Honours B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed.)

Training/experience required (years, other jobs):

Specialized business training and/or business experience will enhance your success rate. I have 8 years experience in leadership in public education launching innovative school programs where I learned marketing, promotions and budgeting skills that I am now applying to my business.

Explain what you do:

I have launched a business that provides youth with motivational career exploration experiences (i.e.. career conferences and mentoring programs). It was a seed idea that has exploded into a viable, sustainable, successful organization with national and international recognition. www.women-in-motion.org

Why should kids choose your career path?

Youth should choose a career path that makes them happy. I am fortunate that I love my job. If you can determine what you like to do and what you are good at and then choose a career path that relates to both of these, you will almost be guaranteed happiness at work. Explore and discover!!

What would you recommend career wise and how should kids approach/develop their preparation for a working life?

Choose to have a positive attitude, be a life long learner and develop good people skills. Be someone that people like to be around and become good at working with others. Very few jobs require you to work completely alone.

Lessons learned:If you started all over again what would you do differently?

Absolutely nothing! Life is about learning and I enjoy every moment – good or bad – and believe is continually enhancing my skills (sometimes, it is through making mistakes that we learn the most!)

A favorite anecdote, phrase, or expression relating to business that inspires you:

“Attitude determines altitude!”

Other suggestions or relevant information you would communicate to kids regarding careers in general:

It’s never too early to begin exploring careers. There are now hundreds of possibilities to explore – think big, dream bigger and make it happen!