e-mentor Fashion Industry

Your Name (optional): Vivienne Poy

Male/female: Female

Culture: Asian

City: Toronto

State/Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Industry: Fashion

Job: President/Designer

Company (Optional): Vivienne Poy Mode


I went through the Fashion Arts program at Seneca College which wasa three year full time program. I felt that it was absolutely necessary tohave all the technical skills in order to work as a designer, aside from anartistic talent and fashion flair. A general education such as what I hadin Liberal Arts, also was a great help. In my case, as a mature woman, my lifeexperiences also came into play in my business dealings with my customers.

Explain what you did:

Fashion business in wholesale and retail, as well as custom design.

Why should kids choose your career path?

If they have fashion flair, design and sewing skills, as well as are willing to work very hard.

What would you recommend career wise and how should kids approach/develop their preparation for a working life?

(A) Kids should go into careers doing what they love, because only by doing that, can you excel. (B) Good discipline, a sense of business as well as people skills.

Lessons learned:If you started all over again what would you do differently?

I would not have done it differently.

A favorite anecdote, phrase, or expression relating to business that inspires you:

One day I was in my boutique and two American tourists came in. One said to the other, “Whenever I am in Toronto, I always come into this Boutique; it is like an Art Gallery, every garment is a piece of Art”.

Other suggestions or relevant information you would communicate to kids regarding careers in general:

Only do what you love, so that you look forward to getting up everymorning.