e-mentor Radio Personality

Your Name (optional): Ingrid Schumacher

Male/female: Female

City: Toronto

State/Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Industry: Radio Broadcasting

Job: Radio Personality/Announcer

Company (Optional): CHUM Limited


I spent 2 years at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in the Radio Broadcasting program. I also consider my earlier experience in Radio Broadcasting to be a part of my “training”, although not as formal. I worked part time at a local radio station in Sudbury, Ontario and learned a great deal while there! I would suggest that attending one of many community colleges who offer Radio Broadcasting courses would be of great value to those hoping to enter the business.

Training/experience required (years, other jobs):

Most radio stations would require that their employees have at least some prior experience on the air, although not everyone does. As mentioned above, many community colleges offer excellent radio/tv/journalism programs that will equip you well for that first job! These programs often come complete with radio stations of their own to give you the experience you need for your first “real” job.

Explain what you do:

As a Radio Personality/Announcer at CHUMFM I deliver a five hour program each weekday that incorporates CHUMFM’s music format. I try to be entertaining … to relate to my listeners on their level and provide company for them through their work day.

Why should kids choose your career path?

The broadcasting industry is always looking for talented and more importantly, enthusiastic individuals who feel they would add something to the profession. It’s sure never a boring job! Broadcasting ( and this includes all of those behind the scenes jobs as well) is an interesting, always changing, challenging and rewarding career path. And we know that the future is strong for our business.

What would you recommend career wise and how should kids approach/develop their preparation for a working life?

It’s highly important to learn as much about everything as you possibly can. In generations previous, the focus was on learning to do one thing well. The expectation was for people to stay in the same job or sorts of jobs until retirement. That is no longer the case. Now, people who are able make adjustments to their career path are the people who do well. Focus on the things you are naturally good at. Incorporate that into your choices. You’ll have a lot more fun and feel more satisfied throughout! It’s important to realize that nothing comes easily. Lastly, the better you feel about yourself and what you have to offer, the more valuable you will be to an employer. Make them feel as though they need you to succeed, not the other way around. Confidence shows every step of the way!

Lessons learned:If you started all over again what would you do differently?

I would have made sure I received my certificate from Fanshawe College! Sometime during my second year, I felt so focused on radio and what I knew I was going to do, that I neglected to spend time with the classes that were built into the curriculum that didn’t seem at the time to go along with what my interests were (Business … I just couldn’t relate) That was a mistake. I can’t honestly point to anything since entering my career that I regret however.

A favorite anecdote, phrase, or expression relating to business that inspires you:

Don’t wait for others to help you out, to create your possibilities for you. Create those yourself. The reward is much greater and your future brighter.

Other suggestions or relevant information you would communicate to kids regarding careers in general:

Take advice. Learn everything you can. Keep a positive outlook and if you don’t like the way something is … don’t talk about it, make it different.