How to Start Your Own Business Program

Our “how to start your own business program” helps you prepare for business. There is lots of information throughout this program that will help you realize that there is a lot to think about when starting a business. If you take the time to think and prepare properly for business, you will have a much greater chance of actually getting started and succeeding.

There are many resources on how to start your own business, but we have developed this program as a kid-friendly approach for kids in grade k-12. The approach we take is simple but applies to anyone starting a business.

Good luck and enjoy your business experiences!


What is your own business?

Let’s be clear that your own business is working for yourself or possibly with partners. You and your partners are the ones who are responsible for developing the business and operating it. Whenever you have your own business you are working for yourself.

“Being in business” can mean that you are working in a business as an employee or operating a business. A key strategy for any business is make people working at the business to feel as if it is their own business. When you have a sense of ownership in business then you care and make decisions in the best interest of the business.

As you think about your own business, keep in mind how you want others to think about your business . The passion you show for your business will transfer to others. The level of detail you pay attention to will also transfer to others.

What is business all about?

This may seem like a very basic question, but it is one that you need to consider. If you are clear on what business is all about, then you will be able to prepare yourself for the many steps you need to take to start a business. Even if you think you know what business is all about, there is still lots to learn. Businesses change as products, technology, regulations, consumer tastes, competition and many other factors change.

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Now that you have a good understanding of the many things to think about in business, you are ready to start thinking about your business.

Inspiration and support to help you in business.

You will learn a lot about yourself as you venture into business. Be honest with yourself and realize your limitations and when you need other peoples help.

Believe in yourself. No matter what happens in your business consider your experience as an investment in yourself.

Set realistic goals and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are only successful if you make a lot of money.

If you start a business, you have succeeded in many ways. Each step you take in business should be considered to be an additional success.

Please be careful of the scams that try and sell you on how easy it is to start your own business and make lots of money.

Remind yourself often, “Hey I’m in my own business which is only a dream for many people”.

Good luck, think, plan, work hard and have a great experience!

Jeff M. Brown

“Kids should consider a business venture as a smart investment in themselves.” – Jeff M. Brown