Starting a Business Club

How to get started in your Business Club

Your business club should start with a basic understanding of business which can be found in our terminology section.

  1. Make a list of people that you think might be interested in joining a business club.
  2. Write out the idea of the business club to include how often you plan to meet and how you plan to develop and discuss your business. You can use the Kid’s Idea recommendations page in our resource center to help you write out what you are trying to do.
  3. Ask the people from your list (contact list of people to talk to) if they are interested in joining a business club, if they know someone else that might be interested (networking), when they would be available and other things that are important to them. Make sure the way you plan to run the business club is ok with the members.
  4. Once you have some interested people, plan your first meeting (set a one page agenda with a listing of the things you want to discuss), communicate it to everyone (give them the agenda) and set a date to get together. The first meeting can be about the reviewing business basics.
  5. When you get together, figure out how best to work together. Trial and error may be the best. Try one approach and see how it works. There is no right or wrong approach as it depends on the people in the club.You will start to discover management theories on how to run your meetings and your business. You can share some of the experiences you have or would like to have in business.
  6. You may want to have each member put in $5.00 to $10.00 to cover any expenditures that you may need for supplies or research resources. We have many resources available on our website, paid and free of charge.
  7. When you meet, don’t loose sight that it is not a dinner party or something the host has to spend a lot of money on. Keep it simple and even have kids bring a snack etc. You can also have quick meetings at school, on the phone, e-mail or in chat rooms.
  8. You may want to give some though on how to raise money to set-up and advertise your club.
  9. Our club may want to work together to complete the Business Preparation Program
  10. As a club you may want to work together in or Jobs for Kids Program