Lemonade Stand

Welcome to our lemonade stand program. Thousands of kids have enjoyed this program and we hope you will too. To help you learn about business, we have developed a business program using the lemonade stand. This is the best known kid’s business and therefore the best way to talk to you about business.

Steps To Take In Our Lemonade Stand Program (Outline):

Kid’s Executive Summary

Basically, we want you to take on the challenge of creating a great lemonade stand business experience. You can just do this on paper (think, draw or plan it out) or actually develop and run a lemonade stand business. We know you can master business and this will be a good chance for you to take charge and give business a try.

We have created this program for you with the ABC’s of the lemonade stand business.

  • A – we encourage you to consider planning and possibly operating a lemonade stand business. You can do it; as a class,Ā with friends, family or on your own. There are lots of challenges and lots to be learned in this great kid’s business.
  • B – We provide you with lots things to think about andĀ  tips to help you develop a lemonade stand business.
  • C – try it by planning a business or launch one.

If you want to go a little further to develop a business, we have written a book to help you called” The Kids’ Guide To Business“.

This program helps you set-up a lemonade stand, plan and run it as a business and launches you into a great business experience. The unique thing about this program is that you may not even make lemonade or set-up an actual stand to learn about business and the lemonade stand business.

You take control and become the decision maker as we give you lots of tips on things you may want to think about to develop your business.

Your lemonade stand business might be the opportunity for you to understand your talents and develop skills in business. Are you good at design, making things, selling things, creating advertisements, keeping track of the money (accounting), telling people about your product & business (marketing) or organizing the business (managing) – give it a try and find out!! You may even make the best lemonade in the world!

We hope this is an opportunity for you to try business, take pride when you sit back and say “I did it”. Try it as a project to help you learn about your skills, challenge yourself in new ways, and have fun.

Good luck and tell us how you did. We would like to profile kid’s business stories, good and bad.If you don’t actually set-up a stand, your story can be what you would do and how you would do it. If there is one part of the lemonade stand business that you would like to share with us, please do so. Contact us.

Enjoy your journey into business!

Jeff M. Brown

President & CEO


Please consider our book “The Kids’ Guide To Business” to help you learn about & experience business and prepare for a career.

What is a lemonade stand?

When we talk about a lemonade stand we are thinking of kids sitting by the side of a street with a table and chairs, a container of lemonade, some glasses and a sign. The sign will usually say “Lemonade For Sale”. The kids are selling lemonade to people in their neighborhood.

We would like you to explore the traditional lemonade stand business and consider some new ideas.

When we talk about planning a lemonade stand we are referring to drawing, thinking and writing out all of the things you would do and how you would do it. Planning is kind of like using your imagination to see what you would do before you actually do it.