Lemonade Stand Program Introduction

Let’s learn about business while we develop a well known kid’s business; the lemonade stand business.

The Lemonade Stand Goes Internet™, is a phrase we are using to develop and communicate our program. We are using the internet to help you develop your lemonade stand business and to share the lemonade stand business concept with kids.

Even if you feel like you may be a little to old to work a lemonade stand, give it another chance or just a little of your time on paper to plan it out. You may surprise yourself on how much more there is to a lemonade stand, if you spend more time on things such as planning and design. If you are new to the lemonade stand business, we have lots of tips to help you succeed.

As you go through our program you should realize that young kids and old kids alike, can try the program and walk away with great experiences. The program will help the very basic operator to a very advanced franchise type operator.

The following are some thoughts on how this program can be used and the possible outcomes that you can expect:

This program can be done;

  • at home with a parent,
  • with a group of friends,
  • as a youth or community group,
  • in a business club,
  • by just working away on your own,
  • in school with the help of a teacher,

Fun And Social Activity

  • This can be very simple activity to get together and have some fun,
  • Kids will have quite a social and fun day even if they don’t sell any lemonade,

School Curriculum

  • This can also be a drawing exercise which has kids draw a lemonade stand,
  • This can be a simple writing exercise as kids write out a story about running their lemonade stand,
  • This can be a story telling exercise as kids communicate their story to an audience,

Put Your Imagination To Work As You Plan

  • You can learn a lot about business from developing a plan without actually running a stand. It might be fun to dream about the ultimate lemonade stand! Use your great imagination and see what kind of lemonade stand and business you come up with. It is still a good idea to see how your plan works with a real lemonade stand or have someone else try it for you.

Explore Business

Opportunity To Bring Kids Together In Business

  • You may want to use this as an opportunity to put a business club together to develop your lemonade stand business.

Create Your Own Business Case From Your Experience

  • Once you have planned your lemonade stand, consider developing a business case on your experience (write out an actual report on the planning and/or operating of your stand). Check out our business case section to get some ideas. We will consider sharing your business case with other kids in this section.
  • Explore Commercial Opportunities
  • You never know were this business experience will take you!

If you do choose to set-up a lemonade stand, please make sure that you review your own personal safety with an adult. Make sure you are safe at all times.