Music Program

Music is enjoyed around the world in every culture and by all ages. Music is a great way to communicate a message to people and a great way to learn in an entertaining way. We have created this program to engage kids to learn through music – learn to write music and to use music and the music business to learn important skills. Skills which will prepare kids for business and success in life.

This is an exciting time in music as downloading and mobile devices have transformed the listening of music and the way it is created and delivered to you. You can record and perform in front of many people on the internet without booking a concert.

You might wonder what this has to do with and what this program is all about.

We have started with songwriting as a way to get you interested in learning to write music and understand the opportunities to create songs which inspire people in new ways. Many songs are about love, experiences or life in general. We would like to create a new genre which we have called Mentoring Musicā„¢. We would like to work with kids to create new music and give kids the opportunity to have a positive impact on the world – help others succeed in life while you learn along the way.

This program is developing and changing as you and your interests in music are.

Enjoy music in new ways by writing songs, write music, perform music and help produce song performances.