Business Mystery

Business; what does it all mean?

We thought that a little mystery would help you “solve” some of your questions about business.

To start, let’s sleuth around the website in search of information to help you solve the mystery of business.

Let’s first find out what business means, by searching for clues in our terminology section.

Let’s also find out what career means, by searching for clues in our terminology section.

Things To Think About To Solve Your Mystery

What does business mean to you?

What is a career or job to you?

What do you want to be when you grow-up?

How do you become what you want to be?

How can you find a job that is fun to do?

How do you start your own business?

What does it take to succeed in business?

How do I get experience or practice for business?

How to get started.

Now that you know the meaning of business and careers, you are ready to discover how you can start preparing for business and a career. There are many clues throughout the website. You can be a sleuth without a plan and just surfing around the website, to see what you can find.

Some helpful good leads:

Our Resume section is a great clue to help you prepare your case on business.

What’s Your Thing will help you discover some clues to help you understand yourself and things you may want to work on.

Job Fit will give you some clues on how to solve the “right job case.”

Our e-Mentoring program will help you discover careers by investigating what other people have done and how these people can solve the career mystery .

Our Entrepreneurship Program will help those who want to create their own business.

Business Basics has lots of ideas on what business is.

Our Resources will give you lots of hints on skills that will help you succeed.

Business Experiences has many business leads on experience.

We have created a “Business Cases” section to help you discover how business works.

Our Just For Clicks Business Game™is a good way to explore business and discover your own business.

More to come!

Congratulations! You have developed another business skill!!