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Thank you for considering registering at our site. This helps us to improve our site and focus on geographic areas and types of users who benefit from our content.Ā  The fact that kids, parents, and teachers will register is helpful for us to know. We have developed content for each group and want to improve our offering to each user group.

We want to develop a long-term relationship with our users in which we can communicate, better understand how our users are using and progressing through our site, and continue to provide content to help you prepare for business.

An important part of developing a successful business is to understand your customers. If we knew we have 10,000 customers in New York city who are active in our site ā€“ we would examine creating live events or specific content in New York city. We could also work with local businesses to create content/experiences in which our users can learn from. If we knew how many registered parents we had in New York City we could communicate with them and offer local programming.

Registered User Content:

Level 1 Non Paid Users:

The Business Game for Kidsā„¢Ā  – This game has been developed to provide a game like experience of developing a business. It is part of our Level 6 Business Preparation Programā„¢. This also builds on our Entrepreneurship Program.

Business Basic Program

Entrepreneur Program

How to Start Your Own Business Programā„¢

Links to Other Website Resources

Meeting Management (skill development)

Jobs for Kids Programā„¢ This program has been created to take kids through the process involved in jobs; applying, training and managing a job.

Ā Level 2 Paid Users

The Kids Guide to Business – Online PDF version on the website.

Kids Business Clubā„¢ is a way to engage kids in business by becoming or forming their own business club.