Build Confidence

Confidence is a very interesting skill. Once you build confidence you will find that your skill level will go up.

  • A baseball pitcher that works hard on a pitch and gets it to a level that he/she can throw it at anytime; has confidence in the pitch.  Once you reach that confidence level the pitch is improved as there is n reluctance or tension to throw it.
  • A person giving a speech who has practiced it many times and/or knows the content very well, should have confidence in giving the speech. If you are not prepared or have not developed a skill then you are less likely to be confident in a situation in which you need to use the skill.

Confidence can also be build from thinking about situations such as your future and feeling you are capable, will do what you need to do to succeed and begn to explore your options. Knowledge or having thought about something will also help you build confidence.

There are also people who believe they are confident but do not have the skills to do an activity at the level that they think they can. There are situations when we say “I can do that” which is a sense of confidence before you try it. In this case you may have confidence because you have seen others do it, determined that you could do it well and are justified in having confidence.

Business preparation and skills for business can be developed and therefore confidence can be built about your future.  If you believe you can learn about business and work on developing your skills and knowledge of business (which is a skill) then you will have confidence about your future. If you observe businesses and people working in business; this will help you develop your confidence.