Dream About Your Future

This section has been written to help you understand and use your dreams. Once you recognize that you spend a lot of time dreaming, it then makes sense to learn to use that time wisely to help you live your dreams.

If you are wondering what dreams have to do with teaching you business, it is as simple as, dreams are often about the future which is what we are trying to prepare you for. Our entrepreneurship program also examines the use of dreams in developing an entrepreneurial dream.

Some Basic Facts:

It is believed that everyone dreams as much as one third of their sleep time. That means that you dream as much as two to three hours a night.If you spend that much time dreaming, you should try and use that time to your advantage. Next to sleeping, you probably spend more time dreaming then anything else in a day.

Why Should You Care About Dreams?

  • Dreams can help you solve things in your everyday life,
  • Dreams can teach you about yourself,
  • Dreams can provide accurate advice from your mind or most importantly the truth.

Keep Tract Of Your Dreams With A Dream Diary.

To help you remember your dreams and to begin to understand the things that go on in your dreams, start writing them down.If writing doesn’t work for you, use a tape recorder and even draw your dreams as much as you can.

The time to start writing is when you awake from a dream. Try and recall as much detail as possible and get it down. The more details you have the better, as all the points will help you understand the dream later.

  • Write the date of the dream,
  • Write in the present tense. Think of the things you are doing verses what you did. This will help you remember more of the details,
  • Write down as many details as possible. List the main things that happened, the way you feel, your choices or decisions, where it happened, the characters and objects in the dream, important descriptions of the characters, symbols or numbers, colors, sounds, names or unusual words, messages you hear, light or darkness, general atmosphere and the way it feels,
  • A small component of the dream can be very important,
  • Drawings of the dream are helpful.

As you begin to give some attention to your dreams you will begin to explore your unconscious world that will help you understand yourself.

  • Dreams are real. Dreams are apart of us.
  • We dream constantly. Not just when we are asleep. You will find that, dreams can come true through the conscious use of your imagination. By visualizing something you can help it come true. This approach is used successfully in sports. In golf, the golfer will see the golf shot in their imagination to help them play the actual golf shot. You can use this visualization approach for many other things.

Dream researcher, Dr. Choc Hiew, maintains that “if you have the right attitude towards dreaming, the dream mode can be so vivid that it will enable you to role play the future and see the consequences of a current act.”

Plan Your Dreams

Think about what you want to dream about for the upcoming night. Think about experiences that you want to have. Use your imagination or put your thinking hat on.

Here are three helpful steps to help plan your dreams:

  1. As you go to sleep, tell yourself that you are going to remember your dreams.
  2. Direct your dreams by telling yourself what you are going to dream about as you go to sleep.
  3. Tell yourself that you don’t have to accept a bad dream and if you have a bad dream, go back and change it to make it a good dream. When you wake during a bad dream try and re-dream it as a good dream.

Tips on things to dream about:

  • Have some fun by doing something you have wanted to do,
  • Explore something that interests you,
  • Have some time with someone very special to you,
  • Try and work out some things that have been bothering you,
  • Think about your future.

All of these approaches will help you learn to plan your dreams.

You can learn to dream to order (control your dreams), but it takes time and practice. It takes practice to change negative dreams into positive ones, pessimistic ones into optimistic ones. You have to work at it!

The Secrets In Your Dreams

There are many theories on how to analyze your dreams, but for this section we will just give you some thoughts to consider. At the end of the page we will link you to some other websites that can help you to further explore dreams.

  • Dreams include relationships with people, animals etc. These dreams will help you understand how you deal with relationships.
  • Dreams will help you develop creatively. Dreams will help you come up with ideas.

Make Your Dreams Come True

You have to start with a dream of your life or a “life dream”. This dream will keep changing as you figure out the details of the way you would like your life to look and unfold. Hopefully this is not just that you will be rich and famous but that you will do things that are important to you and things that you can do or will learn to do.

Start with dreaming, think about what you want to dream about, keep tract of what you have dreamt about and try to develop dreams that will help you with your future.

Links To Dream websites.

(these links are outside of our website, so please have your parents review the sites with you)

www.dreams.ca ,

www.dreamtree.com .

Congratulations from TeachingKidsBusiness.com! You have taken another big step in developing your business skills and career preparation. You will find this to be a very helpful skill, as you use it daily. Don’t stop here!