Invest In Yourself™ Program

Invest in Yourself™ is an idea for kids to create and choose activities that help them prepare themselves for a successful future.

Kids have choices in life and we would like to help kids make good choices and prepare for a successful future.

Now that you have heard the term “invest in yourself”, what does it really mean. There are many ways to interpret the word “invest” and we all know what “yourself” means. Let’s check the dictionary first – invest is “to spend (time, effort, etc.) with the expectation of some satisfaction”.

I would like you to consider “invest in yourself ” to mean; spend some time and effort on yourself with the expectation (look forward to) of some results that help develop your skills and make you feel better prepared to succeed in whatever activities you do.

Let’s take it a little further and think of ways to improve yourself in new ways such as your learning in & beyond your school programming, fitness, socially, artistically, musically, hobbies, recreation and a balance of life, etc. Let’s consider better ways to think, read, communicate, learn and interact with others at a higher level.

We all try and do things that we like to do and that make us feel good. In most cases we do things because our parents want us to do it, because a sibling or friend is doing it or it is just the thing to do.

You may want to think of doing things in terms of thinking if it is a good use of your time and is it an investment in yourself.

This is not supposed to make your life any more complicated than it really is. We are just trying to help you make the right choices for yourself.

Please consider that adults make an investment in children by funding education and living expenses. Parents have a range of expectations in return for the time and commitment they make to children. One of the best ways to show gratitude is do well in life and to be able to contribute to your success and the success of others.

If you are wondering how this program relates to teaching kids business; while investing in yourself at an early age in life will prepare you for business. As you enter the business world, people are going to pay you for doing a job. The more you invest in yourself now to prepare yourself, the more marketable you will be – meaning you will be more likely to get a job.

Another thing to consider is that you are the person who is going to make yourself succeed in life. Of all the investments (things you buy or ways to save money) you will make in life, consider investments in yourself.

The life skills you develop and the experiences you gain will help you succeed. So ask your self a simple question when you consider spending time and money – what will this do for my development?

School is one of the biggest investments you are making in yourself now. School is a major commitment of time and energy. You should consider if you are using your school time wisely and getting the most out of the time spent.

When you play sports or take time for entertainment, is it a good use of your time. You need a healthy balance of down-time, relaxation, personal development and it is worth considering what a good mix is for you.

Next Steps

Since you took the time to read this section; you are well on your way to considering investments of time in your development.

Now that you understanding what “Invest In Yourself” is, just think of ways to make it happen.

Try it and see yourself grow in new ways!

Here are a few ideas to help you get started!

A good starting point is to prepare a résumé. This helps you understand the many components of business preparation. A résumé will be expected in the future for higher levels of education and work.

Surf through our website The skills and the experience sections will help you develop.

Have some fun with our lemonade stand program to think about business from a simple business you will understand and learn from. This is not just for very young kids but for kids of all ages. Our book “The Kids’ Guide to Business” examines many business principles using the lemonade stand.

Our game section is a good way to learn about business.

Our business basics and entrepreneurship program will help you learn about business.

Take a look at Jobs for Kids Program to think about developing with real job experience. This program is designed to give you a lot of information to gain experience, even if you choose not to perform the job. We give you enough information to help you think through doing this job and learning from this experience.