Learn From Losing

A lot can and should be learned from mistakes and learning. The goal is not to lose but when you do, find positive in it such as learning from it. Why did you lose and what could you do differently the next time.

Definition of Losing:

To fail to win,

Failing to achieve a goal for yourself,

Failing to meet the expectations of others,

Losing on the scoreboard.

Nobody likes to lose and most people don’t learn from their losses. We are trying to help you win in life, but you need to learn about losing to help yourself win. In business there are many losses or failures and even the best and biggest companies lose. The smart businesses realize, that when they take chances and try to do things better and different, that the results can lead to failure.

The key is to accept the risk of failure to enjoy the benefits of winning or success. If you know how to learn from your failures and prepare yourself to avoid failure, then you are on your way to success. It is also important not to fear losing and therefore, preventing yourself from trying to win at things you try.

Sports Can Help You To Understand How To Deal With Losing

Many kids start to learn about losing in sports. Most of us have lost in sports, but we don’t necessarily learn how to cope with the loss. Unfortunately, we aren’t normally coached on how losing can be used as a positive learning experience. Losing is often thought of as something we don’t want to talk about and something we should feel bad about. If you give some thought to your losses, you will actually prepare yourself to win.

Some Winning Tips

As you move up the ladder to success and excellence, goals become more difficult to achieve, competition becomes tougher and things in general become more complicated. As you go through life and into business you will find that things in general become more complicated. As things become more complicated, there is a greater chance of losing.

Significant losses can effect your self-esteem or the way you feel about yourself. These thoughts can be overwhelming, but there is no reason they have to be. It’s important to understand that this loss is not you – it is just an experience you are currently having. It is important to realize that you are much more to yourself and others then this loss. You can deal with it and move on. Even though you have lost, you should gain from the experience and be a better person and competitor because of it.

“The task is to make the journey from immediate loss to eventual gain as rapidly, smoothly and comfortably as possible.” –M. Colgrove

There is good in losing, only if you take the time and interest to figure it out.

Ask yourself some basic questions:

  • What did I learn about myself?
  • What did I learn that can help me in the future?

Some helpful tips to help you deal with your loss:

  • You should also examine the expectations you had.
  • Maybe you expected to much of yourself and your expectations need to be changed.
  • Maybe you were not as well prepared as you thought you were or should have been.
  • Maybe something happened outside of your control.

Make sure you use your energy on positive things and not dwelling on negative things of the past. Focus on the present and future in a positive way. Negative feelings are going to effect your concentration and your ability to perform.

Life is a constant test of coping; the better you are at coping, the happier you will be. If you look at your failures as a test of your ability to cope then you will make a victory of these experiences.

Congratulations from TeachingKidsBusiness.com! You have taken another big step in developing your business skills and career preparation. You will find this to be a very helpful skill, as you use it daily. Don’t stop here!