Self Image

Definition of Self-image

An individual’s conception (formulation of ideas) of himself/herself and his/her own identity (being a specific person), abilities (being able to do, skill), worth (quality of a person) etc.

How you feel about yourself.

” I think, therefore I am.”

Rene Descarte

Why is Self-image Important

The image we project is our first means of communication with people. The image we project communicates to others what we think we are. People will deal with you in different ways once they make a judgment on your image.

Let’s take an extreme example of a person that has clothes that are very dirty and ripped and with a real mean look on their face. Chances are you would look at this person and become suspicious and possibly a little frightened. The self-image that this person communicates is different if the same person cleaned up and had a huge smile on their face.

You can hopefully appreciate that there are always situations that you want to be seen in the minds of others in a certain way. It might be the first day of school when you meet knew people, first appearance with a sporting team, or a conversation with someone you would like to know and spend time with etc.

You will also realize that self-image is an important part of your happiness. As you learn to understand yourself and accept your unique qualities, you will be a happier person.

How is self-image developed?

Often, our outer image is a reflection of our inner self. A great image is not how you look or how good looking you are; it is simply putting your best image forward.

Did you know that your self-image has all ready been developed by the age of six. Your image is shaped by the things you are exposed to. You learn to respond from ways people have responded to you. If you are brought up with lots of criticism, then you are likely to blame people easily.

Although self-image is mostly formed at an early age, as you develop from child to teenager, the “media body image” or what the media (movies and commercials etc.) thinks you should look and act like, will play havoc with your self image. You are bound to ask yourself and others why you can’t I be like a certain model or movie star.

Self-image can be changed!

There are ways to change and improve your image. You will need to recognize that when you have negative inner images of yourself, you can take steps to change the negative images into positive images. Firstly, you need to acknowledge these negative factors and then take some action to make the necessary changes. Be honest with yourself.

Activities to change your self-image


  • Make a list of your good attributes and thank yourself every day for them. Appreciate your strengthens or your positive sense of self.
  • Make a list of what you do not like that can be changed and then work on making changes. As you take action and improve these items, check them off. You will feel in control of remaking your image.
  • Make a list of the things you cannot change even though you wish you could. Learn to accept these elements that make you who you are. Once you have accepted all the elements that you cannot change, your attitude of acceptance will be projected in your image.
  • The morning minute routine: For a minute each morning, sit quietly in a comfortable chair and listen to your breathing. Take a deep breath four times and confirm love and respect for yourself.
  • The bedtime snooze routine: Lie in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly until you are relaxed. Visualize (see a picture of ) a water well (deep hole in the ground) and throw in all the negative messages and feelings of the day. Watch as they drift slowly down the well and disappear.
  • Every morning for one month, look in the mirror and say, “Hello you are attractive, you are unique” and with this thought planted firmly in your mind, your body and appearance will convey the same message.

Congratulations from! You have taken another big step in developing your business skills and career preparation. You will find this to be a very helpful skill, as you use it daily. Don’t stop here!