Every child has talents. There are a number of strategies to find and develop talents. Talents will surface when children are given opportunities to try different activities and explore what they are interested in and good at.

Talents can be used to enjoy music, arts and sports. A business sense and interest in entrepreneurship is a talent. A key goal should be to first discover the taletents that children have. Once the talents are identified then a plan can be put in place to provide the opportunity for chidren to explore these talents.

One strategy is to find talents and then over time to further developed talents into commercial activities. There are many success stories in which this can lead to a very satisfying career.

The bigger opportunity is to discover the talents childern have and allow them to develop the talents for personal enjoyment and satisfaction. As children are given the opportunities to develop their talents, they will build confidence in their abilities which will help them succeed in other parts of their lives.

Identify long term opportunities in which children could use these talents to help them understand what to do with the talents they have.