What Will Your Mark On Life Be?

You may not be familiar with the term “leave your mark in life”. Simply put, it is how you will be remembered by others and how you will impact other people around you. If you were to write a story about your life – what would it be and how would it effect others. Would your story be a good story that other people will tell?

A story is a good way to think about the way you are living your life and the way you plan to live in the future. Write your own story and suddenly become an author – an author of one of the most important stories you can write – your life story. Choose the characters – who you associate with and why and the way your story unfolds – the experiences you have – what you do in your life.

You can’t control everything in your life but you can control your story.

  • Create yourself as a character in your story – describe yourself
  • Create other characters who are important to your success and others you encounter – describe the relationships you have with them
  • Write about your experiences and how they are developing you as a character
  • Write about your future plans and how it will happen
  • Define your mark on life – what will you do – how will you go about it – how will you be remembered – tell your story

“Not everyone can be famous. But everyone can be great.” – Rev. Martin Luther King,Jr.