What’s Your Thing?

To start understandingand developing career/business choices, you should take a look at yourself and begin to understand what makes sense for you. This process will help you discover what “your thing” is and how over time, you can develop a “business thing”.By working through our form, you will tackle a number of questions that will help youfind out what things you find enjoyable and are good at and hopefully, discover what you might want to work towards for your career.

“When you find your passion or your drive, it’s like you’re not doing it to be successful or to make some money.You love all those additional things that happen.But you’re doing it because that’s what you love.

“It gets you up early and it keeps you up late.You notice things.You have an impact and you have a sense of contribution.And life is really joyous.”— Tony Robbins

TeachingKidsBusiness.com is developing many tools to help jumpstart you into thinking about your career and business opportunities. We believe that an important step you need to take in the coming years, is to discover and develop the things that you already enjoy doing, feel you are or can be good at and things you might like to learn to do.

The “things”we are talking about could be sports, arts, crafts or music at this stage, but could develop into other skills such as building things, fixing things, writing stories, making movies, looking after animals etc.”Things” are something that you like to do.”What’s your thing” or “your thing” is something that stands out in your mind as an activity that you excel at, or want to do more than anything else.We want to take “your thing” and help you develop a “business thing”.

A “business thing” is similar to “your thing”.You enjoy doing it, you feel you can do it well and you can make a job or an important part ofa job out of it.”What’s your Business Thing™” Program will help youdevelop/discover”your thing” and over time, help you create a “business thing” that is enjoyable, you are good at and that you can make a career doing.

It is important to understand that the choices you make now may change later and that whatever is “your thing” now, may not be your “business thing”. You will be very lucky if they are the same.It’s alright to change your mind later, as you begin to understand yourself better, develop your skills and recognize new opportunities.

Most people don’t know what they want to be at an early age because they haven’t finished their education, which prepares them for a job, or they haven’t been exposed to many choices to help them decide.Even people who are working will change their mind and jobs a number of times over their career. They are constantly trying to find the career or business that makes sense to them.

If you don’t have a clue about what”your thing” is now, it’s ok! Just start thinking about it and it will come to you eventually.This is not about making the right decision now, but about considering all of the options that are available and trying to choose from things you like to do, can do well and will make you the kind of money you want to make.And please, don’t stop doing things now because it’s not”your thing”. The more things you try, the better.

Have some fun and take your time because you don’t have to figure it out right now.

The “What’s your Business Thing™ Program” will help you begin a thinking process and hopefully, answer a number of questions. Check out the “What’s Your Thing Form” to help you understand what interests you.

Speaking of questions; try and answer the questions in the form below.Print it off, think about it and try it again at some other time. This is your information and we are not keeping a copy of it or doing anything with it.