Foundation of skills

The foundation of life skills for kids helps develop life skills for success in daily life and prepare kids for business.

A key element to the development of a child is life skills. There is a foundation of life skills necessary for success in daily life and in business. If we think about ways to develop a foundation of life skills at an early age; we provide an essential education to children and prepare them for success.

The concept of a “foundation” is a solid start or footing to build on.

Life skills refer to the skills to do any activity from thinking, movement, reading, writing, communications, organizing, managing, time management, leadership, character, entrepreneurship, interacting, health and wellness. There are many more life skills as you consider the many activities we participate in in our daily lives. We use life skills in sports, arts, entertainment, education, friendships and to fulfill our daily responsibilities.

Life skills are well beyond knowledge and skills to apply; history, geography, math and science which are a key focus in school. Life skills allow us to learn, take action and perform activities.

Life skills are interchangeable with skills used in daily life and business. It is interesting to consider the level of life skills we develop before we enter the work force and which of these skills are used in business.

It makes sense to develop these skills at an early age and with the understanding of the skills needed in business to help prepare individuals for the challenges of business.

A good starting point is to recognize that every life skill is useful for success in business.

We are developing a series of videos to help develop a “foundation of life skillsā„¢”