Diversity Program

This program in is being developed to help kids realize the need to understand and respect diversity of people in our daily lives and in our global business world. This is an essential skill required to work in business. It is important to learn to work with people and to respect their backgrounds and why the act the way they do.

Diversity in this program means different kinds of people or cultures or ethnic backgrounds. In business it is important to understand and identify the needs of cultures to do business with them.

This is relevant to business in many ways from how to work together, create products to how to commicateto different cultures. A product name in the USA could have a very different meaning in another country. A commercial in one country could insalt people in another culture.

We are developing a number of activities; (in development)

Cultural Night At Home – This is an opportunity to learn about another culture – where it is on the map, language spoken, key facts about the economy, major products and services provided and the types of food enjoyed in this culture. Research can be done by internet searches, library books, friends, neighbors or classmates.

Interview a Classmate – Ask someone in your school about their culture. Have lunch with them one day at school.