Don’t Be Late

One of the most important skills we can introduce you to is the skill of being early or before you are expected. You can benefit from this in your daily life and certainly in business. Once you have this basic skill mastered you will reduce stress and become more organized and productive.

There are many reason why you should not be late:

  • respect other peoples time for waiting for you,
  • show that you care enough to be on time,
  • reduce stress from hurrying while you are late,
  • to have time to organize yourself and thoughts before you are expected,
  • have time to prepare before you leave – once you are late you rush and forget things etc.

Activities to develop and practice this skill:

  1. Plan a 10-15 minute buffer for going to school. Ask everyone to get up 15 minutes earlier then normal, eat breakfast 10-15 minutes earlier and be ready to go early. When you get to school you will quickly realize that you feel better organized and ready for a good day.
  2. The next time you are planning to go somewhere – plan for some “just in case time” or time for the unexpected.