Doodle Dude

© 2000, TB Enterprises

Doodle Dude™ was created on December 14, 2000 by Tyler, age 10. Tyler came up with the idea while he was helping us develop the doodle section. He was thinking about paper + pencil + person and thus created Doodle Dude™.

Tyler has allowed us to use Doodle Dude™ to help other kids get started in doodling.

See what you can create with your pencil and paper!!! You can even help create other characters for our website.

Doodling is an art – the art of ideas.

To Doodle, it doesn’t matter when, were, who your with, what your doodling, or why. You can doodle for a project at school. It doesn’t matter if you are on a bus or in your car riding to or from school, all you need is a pad of paper and pencil.

So pick up your pencil or pen and get started! Click on “Doodle Away To Ideas” to go back to the doodle activities.

Remember, all you need is a pencil and paper and some of your time. You will surprise yourself on what you come up with.