A smile surprisingly to many is a skill. A smile by definition is a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth. It often makes you feel better when you receive a smile from someone and it can make you fell better to smile. Smiling is actually a relaxation strategy; if you fell tight or stressed then take a moment and smile. There are times when a smile will ease your tension and others around you.

Poem that puts the impact of a smile in words:

There’ something you may give a friend and stranger, too;

It seems that when you give it,

It’s given back to you.

This gift is worth a million,

But doesn’t cost a dime;

It’s lasting in effect,

But doesn’t take much time.

This simple little gesture,

Can make the day worthwhile;

It’s just as good as sunshine,

It’s what we call a smile.

By: Jill Wolf


  1. Make a point or take time to smile regularly.
  2. You face a difficult situation try smiling.
  3. Encourage other to smile by sharing a smile with them.
  4. Do smile exercises when you fell stressed. Smile as big as you can to stretch your mouth muscles.

Congratulations from!  You have taken another big step in developing your business skills and career preparation. You will find this to be a very helpful skill, as you use it daily. Don’t stop here!