Jokes are a fun way to talk and learn about business. Enjoy and have a few laughs!

Man: ” Are you sure this dog you are selling me is loyal?”

Owner: ” He sure is. I sold him five times and every time he’s come back.”

“How’s business?”

Tailor: “Just so-so.”

Author: “All right.”

Astronomer:”Looking up.”

Trash Collector: “It’s picking up.”

Electrician: “It’s pretty light.”

Elevator Operator: “It has it’s ups and downs.”

Farmer: “Mine’s growing.”

TV Repairman: “What seems to be the trouble with your TV,

Women: “It seems to have double images. I hope you men can fix it.”

Movie Director: “Now in this scene you jump off the cliff.”

Actor: “But suppose I get killed?”

Movie Director: “Don’t worry it’s the last scene.”

Man At Hotel: “Excuse me, but I’m registered at this hotel. Could you tell me what room I’m in.”

Hotel Clerk: “Certainly, you’re in the lobby.”

Boss: “You certainly ask for a big salary for a man with no experience?”

Job Applicant: “Yes, but it’s much harder work when you don’t know what you are doing.”

Boy: “Mister could you sell me a shark?”

Pet Shop Owner: “What would you do with a shark?”

Boy: “The cat’s trying to eat my goldfish and I want to teach him a lesson.”

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“Really! What did you say?”

“Hot dogs, popcorn, ice cold drinks.

“I got fired from my last job because I was too tough.”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t take orders from anybody.”

Employee: “I’ve worked here for over 30 years and I have never asked for a raise.”

Boss:”That’s why you have worked here for 30 years.”

Farmer: “Let me explain the business of farming to you. First we raise corn. If a good crop comes up then we raise wheat.”

City Slicker: “What if a good crop doesn’t come up?”

Farmer:”Then we raise prices.”

“My daughter is impossible. She keeps asking me for money. Last week it was $25.00. Yesterday it was $15.00 and today it is $5.00.”

“What does she do with it all?”

“I don’t know. I don’t give it to her.”

Daughter: “Dad could I have a dollar?”

Dad: “When I was your age I asked for cents?”

Daughter: “Okay, give me 100 cents.”

“How’s your son that you took into business with you?”

“He’s amazing. He’s only been with me of for two weeks and he’s already a month behind in his work.”

Manager: “You’re 30 minutes late. Don’t you know what time we start here?”

Office Boy: “No, by the time I get here, everyone is already working.”

Reporter: “Is your job dangerous?”

Barber: “I have a lot of close shaves, but mostly I get out of scrapes.”

Lawyer: “I’ve come to help you with your damages.”

Client: “I’ve got all the damages I need. I need repairs.”

“Why do fire trucks have dogs on them?”

“To find the fire hydrants.”

Son: “I want to be an accountant when I grow up.”

Father: “Go figure.”

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