The following are quotes by Jeff M. Brown founder of TeachingKidsBusiness.com. The quotes are organized by specific programs and products available from our website.

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” The business of teaching kids business is an exciting opportunity and a very rewarding partnership with kids, parents, educators, youth groups and communities around the world.”

“My goal is to help kids explore their potential and engage them in discovering and developing their talents and interest in business.”

“All 70 million kids in America and many more millions worldwide will get involved in business at some time in their lives, but few are prepared.”

” If we spend a small fraction of the time and money we spend on developing kids in sports on preparing them for business – we would have more business super starts.”

“Consider the notion of a Gift of Business For Kids to jump start their future careers.”

“The best way to learn about a business is work in the business – the next best way is to observe it and think about it.”

How to start your own business – for kids.

“It is key for kids to think through a process of starting a business. They will get so much more out of their experience if they spend thinking time before they get started.”

“Kids should consider starting their own businesses at an early age with the goals of developing an interest and gaining experience.”

“Kids should consider a business venture as a smart& investment in themselves.”

“Business, a game kids can play.™”

“If you give business a chance, it will do great things for you.”

The Kids’ Guide To Business

“I wrote this book to help introduce, prepare and launch kids into business.”

“I hope people will consider The Kids’ Guide To Business as a small business investment to help launch a child into business.”

“Hopefully people will consider my book, The Kids’ Guide To Business, as a gift of business for a child.”

“I wrote The Kids’ Guide To Business in a unique way to discuss business with kids and to provide them with a framework to explore and think about any type of business that& interests them.”

“Kids are ready for more work related& & business experiences beyond the standard making their beds, walking pets and washing dishes. Given all the legal and practical issues of young kids working, I developed a book and online opportunities to start to address their needs.”

“This is our first book and we are experiencing the book business as many kids would.& As the internet publisher of www.teachingkidsbusiness.com and The Kids’ Guide To Business, we hope to build a successful business case for kids to learn and benefit from. We hope to expand our program to publish books by kids and engage kids in the book business.”

The Gift Of Business For Kids

“Gifts of business would be a great way to get kids started preparing for and exploring business. Gifts are a great way to expose kids to new things. Kids are ready to play around with business, we just need to get them started”.

Music Mentoring&- Songwriting

“Music is an extremely powerful and influential medium, but I’m finding as a songwriter, that most people don’t pay attention to the lyrics as much as they used to. A lot of songs are coming along today and selling a lot of records with just a good beat and a few words or catch phrase that is just repeated over and over again. I still think the best songs are the ones that tell a story, or have a message or moral.”

Bites of advice – lunch-for-kids

” Lunch time is one of few times people are likely to have a few free moments and& we would like to encourage them to donate a little of their lunch time to share some advice with kids.”

Lemonade Stand Program

“My goal: to revitalize and enhance the lemonade stand experience. A venture of this nature is a great opportunity to introduce kids not only to basic business, but to also introduce more sophisticated business disciplines. Just a little extra thinking and planning will add dramatically to the lemonade stand experience.”

“As you try and mirror the business aspects of other businesses, you will realize that a lemonade stand business can become quite a complex business case and therefore a great business challenge for kids.”&

Jobs-For-Kids Program

“Our Jobs-For-Kids Program provides kids with the opportunity to gain work experience in a safe and positive environment.”