Priority Setting

To develop skills it is important to make it a priority. There are many excuses and other important uses of your time. There is always time when time is managed and priorities are set.

The fact that you are spending time on this site is do  the way you setyour priorities.  The definition of priority is a thing that is regard as more important that another. This does not mean that you do not do the other activities but only to balance your time differently to accommodate your interests in this site.

Priority setting is a skill. The extreme is that you would not get things done if you did not choose which ones to do. Every time you make a choice of an activity or the way you use your time; you are setting your priorities.


  1. The next time you have to choose do something; ask yourself what is your priority. There are times when it is important to take a break and have fun. There are time when you need to focus to get your work done so you can do other things you enjoy. The age old situation; if you get your school work done you can play.
  2. Ask people like your parents what they feel your priorities should be at a point in time. Example when you are faced with a number of things to do or things that have to get done.

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