Instead of TV

Our goal is provide ideas which will take kids away from wathching excessive amounts of TV. There are many reasons why we are concerned and want to help provide alternatives such as;

  1. Rising numbers of obesity
  2. Infulences of TV violence on bullying
  3. Better use of time for relaxation and entertainment

Active Livestyle = healthy livestyle

Common sense will suggest that active activities are much heathier for kids. Sports, walking, and outside active playing are simple alternatives. There are simple exercises that can be done while watching TV.

Alternative Quality Programming

In general many of the TV programs are not quality programming or positive influences.We have developed as alternative quality programming. There is lots of good content online which can be tested in stead of TV..

TED Talks are excellent programs.

Podcasts are great resources.


If the reason kids spend time infront of the TV is for in-home safety reasons, then reading is an excellent alternative to TV. Reading is great relaxing and entertaining activity and can develop the mind and perspectives in amazing ways. Reading (interesting subject matter, ability to retain information and leasure reading) is an important life skill for the development of kids. Excelling at reading will take kids much further then TV show knowledge.