The Kids’ Guide to Business

The Kids’ Guide to Business

Introducing, Preparing, and Launching Kids into Business

by Jeff M. Brown

Provides a kid-friendly approach to introduce, prepare and launch kids into business. Kids take steps to develop a business and are easily engaged in business as they explore business basics and advanced business principles using the lemonade stand business case. Many business principles are taught from this simple business model of a road side kiosk. The author acts as a business advisor, helping kids explore business ideas, learn business principles, develop skills and gain valuable experience while discovering and preparing for business. This book will be most effective with the assistance of an adult and is written for K-12.

This book will:

  • Provide a simple, fun and effective approach to learn about business – learning by planning and doing
  • Introduce kids to business using the lemonade stand business model
  • Use a unique business planning tool approach to develop a business
  • Explore many business principles to develop skills and experiences in business
  • Create a business planning approach to apply to any business

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