Gift Idea for Kids – Gift of Business with ROI-G™

A unique gift idea to consider is a business gift for your upcoming gift giving. It is difficult to find that ideal gift which is enjoyable, lasting, and good value. The gift of business for kids is a solution with many enduring benefits for all ages and occasions.

Why a business gift?

A business gift has many features other gifts do not have such as; enjoyment from new challenges in learning about business which lasts a life time, financial returns from the advantages of learning about business, no issues from where it is made or what it is made up of, it is every changing and rewarding, it grows with the individual, can be shared globally and is cross cultural.

What is a business gift?

A business gift can be in the form of a book, a course, online content and time spent together exploring and teaching business.  A gift can be given in many  ways to allow a choice, in cash to be directed to business, start-up fund or an experience in business from shopping or entertainment.  A traditional gift could be given with the added connection to business – let’s research were this toy was made, how it was made, who invented it and more about the company/people that manage it.

Refine a gift as an investment with a ROI-G™.

Consider a gift as an investment in the person you are giving it to. As you take the time to think and find a gift, consider the impact it will have on the person receiving your gift.

In the context of a business decision, what is the return on investment of the gift, ROI-G™. Is there a better ROI then a toy, video game or other gift choices. When considering the ROI-G™; the return of fun is one consideration but what about the impact of the return such as learning, personal development of skills and experiences and preparation for success in business or entrepreneurship.

Gift giving in general does not use a sophisticated decision making criteria. Often the budget is a critical factor and an investment of time is needed to find a gift. Step out side the box and rethink the process and impact of your gift choice.

Bring your own brand to gift giving.

Explain the brand(s) you represent and the brands you support and why. Consider yourself a brand and the gift as a statement of your brand.

Act business like in making your gift choice.

Be creative like a business when making your gift choices, consider innovation in gift giving, be competitive, make a clear brand statement, make a statement of who you are in your gift and what the association with the gift can do.