Gift of Time

We all have business experiences through work or buying from businesses as a customer Рmany stories to tell. We all have a perspective on products and services we buy.  A gift idea is to share these experiences with kids. Help them understand business. Include kids in conversations about business.

Many resources focus on financial literacy, but a solid foundation in business addresses many skills and includes financial literacy.There is so much to business and therefore so much to explore together and share with kids. The only thing stopping us is our priorities with our time.

Once you start spending some time on teaching kids business, you will find lots to talk about. Business touches all aspects of our lives, is practiced around the world and in every culture. Business has a rich history, is entertaining and is very engaging. Many fun products like games come from businesses. There is lots to talk about and lots to learn.

We recommend as a site to provide business programming for you to discuss with your children.

Our latest book, “Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When,Where, How & Impact” provides lots of ideas to engage you and your children in observing and learning about business -lots of ideas on how to spend time with your child while teaching business preparation.