Business Card

A business card is a helpful business tool to share information with customers or people you want to do business with (work with to help your business). The goal is to provide information for people to refer to later to find you and your product. A business card also makes a statement that you are organized, professional and ready for business. There are effective electronic apps to share contact information. Websites are also very effective in providing contact and product information.

For to be developed: Coming Soon!


Name of your business:

Tag Line:  (tip: A quick phrase that describes your business in  ten words or less. Example: “The best brownie recipe this side of the Mississippi”

Product Name: (not mandatory) (if you are planning several products you do not have to use this field)

Your Name: (your name or have some fun with a name to protect your identify – or like a stage name in the movies)

Contact Info: (choose how people contract you  – email – phone -social media etc. What makes sense in your situation)

Other: (not mandatory )Be creative and make your own statement in your own words)