You will be successful when people know about your KODIP™  and like the message in your advetisment so much, they will automatically remember what you are marketing.

Our goal is to provide you with some promotional ideas that you can learn from and further develop, to best suit your own style and preference. We are certain that you will discover many new and effective ways to promote your business. These new promotional skills will help you sell yourself and help you in many other ways.

Don’t underestimate the potential that you and other kids have in promoting something. Guess who made the Beanie Babies (trademark of Ty Inc.) and Pokemon (trademark of Nintendo) kid’s phenomena’s such a success? Kids did! These are only two of the many examples of how Kids are able to drive trends for business success.

It may be a good time to review “Put Your Thinking Hat On” to help you think about some great ideas.

Ways to Promote Your Business

Your 30 Second Commercial

Before you promote your product, you’ll need to develop your own “30 second commercial” about your product. This doesn’t mean developing an actual commercial for TV, but creating a few sentences or a “talking commercial” to explain what your product and business is, so when you go to promote it or someone asks you about it, you have the answer!

If you have access to a cell phone with a video camera; then you can film your commercial easily. This is a great experience in;

  1. create a scrip of what you will say,
  2. practice the deliver of the words with the type of voice and body movement,
  3. film and edit your video (you can post this on our Facebook page)

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is as easy as telling someone, who in turn tells someone-else and so on and so on. A good example of a product that depends on “word of mouth”, is a movie. You have probably heard how good or bad a movie is from friends and through friends of friends, etc. Based on what you hear from someone-else, you probably make your decision to go to the movie, or you rent it on VCR or DVD later on.

“Word of mouth” means that people hear about something from someone else. Therefore, we have to start talking about the website and™ in a truthful and interesting way to attract others to the site, encourage them to try it and share their experience with other people. As more individuals talk about, your product and™ more people will be interested in coming to the sites and this will help us all succeed!

Here are a few examples of how you can utilize the “word of mouth” option:

  • Talk to people at school about it
  • Call friends on the telephone (telemarketing)
  • Send e-mails to people you know
  • Internet chat groups
  • Get other people to talk about it (Your parents can tell their friends and people at work.)
  • Other innovative ways that you create

Important: Do not go knocking on doors and do not approach strangers! If you are not sure that what you are planning to do is ok to do, ask a parent or e-mail us for help.

Kid’s Business Cards™

p>Business cards have been used in business for many years. When given out to someone they help them remember you, your company and provide them with a way to reach you. The person who receives your card, will hopefully set it aside in a place where they can find it. When they go online they may pull it out and check out your business.

Business cards also create status. They show people that you are in business, professional and organized. Just think how difficult it is to remember a name and website after talking with someone hours, days or weeks later. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone told you the information and then handed you their card so you wouldn’t have to try and remember the information, or scramble to write it down (on paper, your hand, your clothes, etc.)?

We have provided you with a form, to print off your own businesscards. You can use normal paper and cut out the individual cards, or buy blank business card sheets at an office supply store. Check out the business cards.

Local Media Support

Contact your local newspaper and ask them to feature your business in their newspaper. This is a great way to develop public relations and selling skills.

Strategic Alliances (Business Partnerships)/h2> is based on participation by many groups to provide tools and experiences that help kids with their business and career choices. This can be accomplished, by talking with companies that are willing to share some of their resources to help you succeed.

Your approach may be as simple as approaching your school to participate in the ” Just For Clicks Business Game™” as a class lesson, or a local company that may encourage employees to examine the e-Mentoring For Kids Program™. All of these ideas and others you will come up with, will help promote the concept of