Writing Club

All kids who want to write are considered to be part of the TeachingKidsBusiness.com Writing Club. As soon as you start writing about business, you are in our club. We also encourage you to set up your own writing club.

This is a chance for you to use your writing skills individually or to work together in a club. As always, we try and create opportunities for you, so the writing club provides you with the opportunities to work with other kids and to create some writings.

Let’s think of writing books and just writing as the same thing in that “writing” can be a book with a number of chapters or it can be a one page writing. So ,don’t say, “I can’t write a book”, instead you should say “I can write”! Your writings may or may not make up a book someday, but don’t let that stop you from starting to write.

In regards to what you should write, we would like kids to explore business, careers, life skills and write about it. Your writing may be a business experience you have had or one you may like to have or it may be an opinion you have or interest you have in a particular career.

What is a writing club?

If there are any writing clubs out there, it would be a group of people who get together and share their written works or get together to inspire each other to write. This may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world but, once you get started you can have a lot of fun and learning from it.

As always we would like to set up your clubs a little differently. Yes, we will encourage you to write but we will also provide you with the opportunity to participate in writing for kids. As you explore business and discover new things we would like you and your club to share this with other kids. Your writing can be a short story of a business experience, a mystery story on business, a business/career related school speech, your experiences in your business club and other things your club thinks of.

Feel free to set up your own writing club to just write more and have some fun. You can start your club using our recommendations section.

As the TeachingKidsBusiness.com website was developed, we developed a number of resources to share with kids. We have always encouraged kids and community members to participate in our development. We hope that you find this a good way to help us and for a way to share some of great work you can do.

Tips On What To Write

  • A good way to start is to do some idea generation, which is writing down some ideas that you will further develop later. The ideas may be a single word that you would like to write about, it might be characters that come to mind, an experience you want to write about, a topic you want to explore further, something that you think may be of interest to kids,
  • Do a little doodling to help you develop some ideas,
  • Our Put your thinking hat on section will help you think through your ideas, in a number of ways,
  • Our Just For Clicks Business Game has a worksheet and a number of tips to help you develop a “kid’s online digital information product” – KODIP™. You and your club may want to write out several products.
  • If you and your club want to have some fun with developing some recommendations for school or around your house, then try our recommendation writing section. You can be a lot more convincing when you take the time and develop your request in the form of a well thought out recommendation! (This can help you on negotiating an allowance, purchase of something etc.)
  • Develop some short stories on your adventures in business. (This might become a new kid’s book series.)
  • Write about career choices – ones that you are interested in.
  • Write about some business ideas that you have – what the world needs!
  • Consider our Kids-Works-Ventures Program to commercialize your works.

How to get started in your Writing Club

  1. Make a list of people that you think might be interested in joining a writing club.
  2. Write out the idea of the writing club to include what you are trying to do, how often you plan to meet and how you will discuss and develop the writings.
  3. Ask the people from your list if they are interested in joining a writing club, if they know someone else that might be interested, when they would be available and other things that are important to them.
  4. Once you have interested people, set a date to get together to figure out how to get started.
  5. When you get together figure out how best to develop and discuss the writings. Trial an error may be the best. Try one approach and see how it works. There is no right or wrong approach as it depends on the people in the club. Some will want rules and others just want to talk and have a few laughs. (Will everyone write something and then discuss it with the group or do you work through one writing as a group).
  6. If you determine that as a club, you are going to develop and publish a book, then make sure you decide as a group how each person will be involved, if an investment of money is required to publish the book – who will contribute and if the book is sold, how will the money will be split. This is not to complicated but it is a good experience to think through, even if you don’t publish or sell your writings.
  7. You may find that one way to publish your writings is through our kid’s marketplace at www.kidse-marketplace.com
  8. When you meet, don’t lose sight that it is not a dinner party or something the host has to spend a lot of money on. Keep it simple and even have kids bring a snack etc.

Who Knows What The Future May Bring For Our Writers

Writing is a great life skill to have and it will help you later in business. You will find that you will need to communicate in writing in many of the responsibilities you will have in business.

We may develop and/or discover a future professional writer. This program may give you the break you needed to encourage you to write and to share your work with other people. As this program develops we hope to create some great business experiences for you and to help you discover and develop your talents.

As we develop writers and create awareness of the potential of kids, there may be some interesting business opportunities.

We hope to inspire kids and professional writers to create writing material that helps kids prepare for the future – future careers, business ventures and every day life skills for business or life in general.

Congratulations from TeachingKidsBusiness.com! You have taken another big step in developing your business skills and career preparation. You will find this to be a very helpful skill, as you use it daily. Don’t stop here!